LuckyComp International - Trader company head office is based in in Ukraine in the city of Kherson city and Burgas in Bulgaria. LuckyComp International specializes in trade of oilseeds and trade their products

From the moment company's grounds LuckyComp International we focus on a single class of agricultural products, namely oil seeds. Without deviating from the intended target, we have managed to accumulate a vast experience and knowledge, enhance their strength and competitive position in the market Agroproduct.Our customers are confident in the timely delivery of goods whose quality corresponds contracts. In time, in quantity and in quality!LuckyComp International sells goods to the buyer agreed conditions.Delivery of goods on terms FOB, CIF.On request include samples of products organized tour industries.Our efforts to support long-term mutually beneficial business relationship.Currently LuckyComp International is actively developing such a direction as container shipments from the Black Sea region in CIS and far South-East Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam.

We have owned 1200 hectares of land. Each year we grow seeds and process them at factories in Ukraine. For us, our partners make the price of oil is much cheaper than ordinary consumers.

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WHO ARE WE? - We are a company with a strong team of professionals.LuckyComp International - is a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in building strategic relationships with agricultural producers and representatives of the transport services in ports. Our goal is to build a competent supply chain in the Black Sea region for manufacturers and resellers of agro products and a clear supply chain management around the world.Due to our freight and logistics, we provide manufacturers, resellers and buyers of agricultural products of appropriate quality and ensure timely and accurate delivery to the destination. We also advise our clients on new and specialized trade finance techniques, hedging and other financial decisions.Taking into account that we are in the business of working not only with the actual commodity, but the information we provide our clients, both Agroproduct timely delivery and professional market research. 
Distinctive Feature 

Our company has a registered trademark in Ukraine and the domain of the first level.

ua - a national top-level domain for Ukraine. Domain name registration for relevance to Ukraine. 

  Domain is registered only for the owners of the respective brands

We offer market prices to producers and quality service to customers. 

The main activity LuckyComp International is the export of sunflower oil from the ports of the Black Sea region. Producing countries are oil crops such countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine. 

HOW ARE WE DOING? - We strive for excellence in everything we do.

 LuckyComp International is a strong management team, which provides support to the activities of qualified administrative staff and professional back-office management. The company has an extensive and highly organized structure of the business culture activities. LuckyComp International maintains stable relationships with leading international trading companies and end users around the world, has established itself as a reliable partner in business. 

It makes no sense to hire smart people and then specify what to do. We hire smart people, so they told us what to do.
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